Osmanabad Police

Local Crime Branch

Officers Portfolio

Working of Local Crime Branch, Osmanabad

This Branch has been organized especially for investigation of serious offences and for maintenance of various types of records of Crime and Criminals. It has following sub-branches.

1. District Crime Record Bureau (DCRB)

This branch collects and maintains crime and criminals information from all police stations in the district and sends it to the State Crime Record Bureau (SCRB) Pune as per requirements.

2. Anti Dacoity Squad (ADS)

This branch prevents, detects Property crimes mostly Dacoity & Robbery offences. Anti Dacoity Squad is one of best crime detection teams in the Maharashtra.

3. Modus Operandi Bureau (MOB)

This branch collects information of Modus Operandi of Crime and maintains the records like Known Criminal Register, History Sheet Register, Convicted Persons Registered and MCR. With this information it helps the investigation officers by giving suggestion with respect to the offenders likely to be involved in offences.

4. Finger Print

This branch collects and maintains Finger Prints. Experts Visits the Crime scenes and take Chance Prints. They search through the Finger Prints Data- base of arrested accused and provide the identical finger print to the investigating officers.

5. Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad (BDDS)

This Squad has been organized in view of increasing Terror and Naxal Activities in the state. It scans public places and VIP/VVIP visit spots for explosives. In case of identification of any explosive substances the squad disposes it securely.

6. Scientific Aids To Investigation (I Car Unit)

This unit help to investigate the crime using scientific technique and advance technology. When any offence take place, this unit approach to the place of occurrence, search the evidence scientifically i.e. finger print, foot print or any other clues for trace out the criminal and help to investigate the crime.

7. Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS)

This Squad is organized at Osmanabad Police Head Quarter after 26/11 terrorists attack in Mumbai. This squad collects the information about suspect terrorist and their activities and takes appropriate action to avoid any possible attacks.

8. Dog Squad

Osmanabad District Police having one Dog Squad unit with 4 dogs, which are highly trained in detection of Explosives / Crime.